Before Watching The Foreigner Read this first

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Before Watching The Foreigner Read this first . The Foreigner is a movie by Martin Campbell (Casino Royal, Green Latern) genre action-thriller adapted from Stephen Leather’s 1992 issue titled The Chinaman.

The Foreigner
The Foreigner

Production Cost of The Foreigner

The film, starring Jackie Chan is reportedly also been spent budget production of about 35 million USD. With such an expense, many Jackie Chan fans believe that the film will be booming after a few days of broadcast.

Jackie Chan VS Pierce Brosnan

STX Entertainment released the first trailer for the action thriller “The Foreigner” starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

Jackie served as the owner of a simple Chinatown restaurant, Quan, who lost her daughter in a bomb blast.

In the trailer, Quan is targeting a former British agent who became a politician named Liam Hennessy (Pierce).

He was convinced that Liam knew the names of the men responsible for the death of his daughter.

The film also stars Irish actor Michael McElhatton (Game of Thrones “, Charlie Murphy (Love / Hate) and Rory Fleck Byrne (Damo & Ivor).

Jackie said of her role, “It’s important for me to take a more serious role, with a lot of emotion.

“To prepare, I imagine what it would be like to be the father to handle the situation.”

Jackie is not allowed to take dangerous stunts, “because if he’s hurt, we’ll be in trouble,” says director Martin Campbell.

However, the actor “Rush Hour” was performed extensively during a fierce battle scene.

“My fans want to see me do the stunts, and that makes me fit,” he explained.

The Foreigner producer

Apart from that, besides being a player, Jackie Chan also played a role as a producer with Wayne Marc Godfrey (A Child’s Night Dream, Code 8), D. Scott Lumpkin (Masterminds, Den of Thieves), Jamie Marshall (Olympus Has Fallen, Hunter Killer ) and also Arthur M. Sarkissian (Rush Hour franchise, The Last Mission).

Producer’s House and Screenwriter The Foreigner

As for the script of the story, The Foreigner entrusted the position entirely to David Marconi.

The film is produced by The Fyzz Facility, Sparkle Roll Media and Huayi Brothers Pictures, and is distributed by STX Entertainment.

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