Tips Secret Success Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg

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This time will share Secrets Tips  of success of the world’s richest are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg.

Success Tips
Success Tips

They are have some similarities. Besides they are billionaires, they build their wealth from scratch.

Therefore, the journey of their lives to achieve success as it is now a lot of inspiration by many people.

They also never hesitate to share experiences and tips to success to audiences. Quoting CNBC, there are some secret tips Gates success, Jobs, Branson, and Zuckerberg you deserve an example.

Tips Secret Success Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates: Charity

Gates in his speech at Harvard University a few years ago said the mother was very proud when she was accepted at the prestigious university.

Gates’s mother never stopped pushing the son to do many things for others.
“A few days before my marriage, Mother held a pre-wedding ceremony where she read a letter about the wedding she wrote for Melinda (Gates’s wife) .

My mother was very ill with cancer at the time, but she saw an opportunity to give a message that what was given to others is very valuable, “said Gates.

Mark Zuckerberg: Quickly apologize when there is a mistake

After emotionally sensitive content was removed by the Facebook content regulatory algorithm earlier this year, Zuckerberg hastily apologized.

According to the leadership experts, apology from a CEO will add to his credibility.

“We see hate content in the political debate on both sides, we delete accounts and content that should not be deleted and allow content that should be remove.

which is very hard for me because I often agree with critics who say we make mistakes,” Zuckerberg.

Steve Jobs: Pay attention to details.

Jobs has a reputation as a tough figure in the subordinate, but this reputation is actually a result of Jobs’s obsession with perfection.

Jobs was reportedly very concerned about things in detail.

“People call him a heartless person, I think he has a very big heart, he is very caring and his heart is so big that he can not stand when something is not right,” said Kara Swisher, author of “Tools of Titans. “

Richard Branson: Do not be afraid to dream

According to Branson, dreaming is the greatest blessing for humans. The reason, started from the dream, came aspirations, innovations, changes, and the world progresses and develops.

“The benefits of dreaming far outweigh the dreaded risk, because the value of dreaming is not only measured by results, but the inspiration that comes from traveling to achieve that dream,” says Branson.


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