Tips to Optimize Car Features When It Rains

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Optimizing Car Features When It Rains. Sophisticated features have been embedded to drive when rain can be done safely. Not only knowing his role, car owners also need to do inspection and maintenance so that he is able to work optimally when needed. Do not let the features that are needed when this rain even malfunctions and potentially cause harm.

Optimizing Car Features When It Rains
Optimizing Car Features When It Rains

Here are tips on car feature optimization in the rain that needs to be considered:

Tips on Optimizing Car Features When It Rains

1. Intermittent Wiper
The wiper has an intermittent control (pause). Its purpose is to provide a pause corresponding to the frequency of rain falling on the glass of the vehicle. Therefore, position the pause in accordance with the frequency of rain. If the wiper moves quickly without any obstacles (rain swept) then the motor system and the wiper link will be more rapidly aging.

2. Defogger
Defogger is a standard feature in every vehicle. Usually this system is in the rear mirror. The point is to warm the glass so as not to create a layer of dew on the glass. No need to turn on defogger if the glass has not been condensed because it only makes the power wasted power.

3. Traction Control

Traction Control (TC) function to detect the loss of traction of the wheel on the road surface. This can happen to cars that are powered or bulldozed in puddles. TC working principle, when the slip symptoms occur, the engine will automatically reduce the power on the spin of the wheel. In effect, the wheels will again get traction and control of the car can return to normal.

4. Fog Lamp
This lamp is designed with transmit power and color jets that can penetrate the fog. In the rain, fog often occurs. That’s when this lamp is required to be turned on. Using fog lights should be as necessary, do not use when it is not raining, even during the day because it can shorten the life of mica fog lights.

5. Rear Foglamp
In some cars are equipped with rear foglamp. The light produced by this device is much brighter. As a result, the car behind your vehicle will be able to keep a safe distance. But do not forget to disable this device when the rain has subsided. If not, the driver in the back will be disturbed view due to the glare of the resulting light.

6. Wiper Fluid

If the first liquid wipers only use pure water, technological developments produce wiper fluid that has special abilities. Some liquids even have the ability to make glass more easily flow water. The important thing is not to use liquids that can produce high foam because it can interfere with visibility.

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