Tips to Maintenance Car Transmission

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Car Maintenance Tips.  Transmission installed on all types of vehicles, is the most vital components, especially on the cars manual transmit. Its existence greatly affects the output power generated when the car is driven. So if the problem, can be sure the car is running slow or even do not want to walk at all.

car transmission
car transmission

Cause of slow road car or do not want to walk at all, generally due to symptom Transmission slip. Because the clutch as the main component of the clutch, is not the maximum transfer of the engine to the wheels through the gearbox. If ignored effect so fast engine heat, wasteful of fuel to result in the car broke down.

Tips to Maintenance Car Transmission

If you do not want to experience that, you must be able to take care of the car’s own Transmission system. The trick is to recognize what kind of usage the wrong Transmission and the factors that make Transmission quickly broken. In order to minimize damage to the clutch system.

Here are some causes of damage Car transmission, such as the use of half clutch. The half-transmission technique is to let the diaphragm spring work half power. That is, pressure plate pressure pressure is not maximal, so this will lead to the rapidly discharged Transmission campus.

Another cause is the presence of lubricants or oil on the surface of the Clutch Disc. The transmission on the car including a dry transmission system, so it does not require lubrication. Well, the presence of lubricant on the surface of the clutch disc, will cause slippage and the results will decrease the car power and will smell burning.

Next do not get used to crashing into flood puddles. Because water on the surface of the clutch often causes a vibration that causes discomfort. Especially if the water into the clutch house. In addition to drying out, in some cars can be catastrophic because it can damage the main components of the Transmission system.

The last is always check the volume and condition of the hydraulic fluid, especially cars that already use the hydraulic circuit. Also adjust the appropriate Transmission slot. Due to the constantly used Transmission conditions it will definitely change. For that adjustment is done so that users feel comfortable and energy transfer more efficient.

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