Tips to maintain the car properly

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Tips to maintain the Car properly. Car maintenance is necessary, so that the condition of the car remains prime. Regular care can also prevent damage. Car maintenance certainly requires energy, time and cost. But in terms of cost, much more cost-effective than repair when the car is damaged.

Tips to maintain the Car properly
Tips to maintain the Car properly

All car brands have an official workshop to maintain their output cars. So every car has a regular service schedule, according to the capacity of each machine. However, you should know how to care for a simple car, before deciding to use the car for everyday activities.

Tips to maintain the car properly

You can learn some important things about car maintenance, which can be done anywhere and anytime. There are several Tips to maintain the Car properly that can be done regularly, so that the performance of the car awake. Are as follows:

1. Check the condition of the tire
The tire condition is strongly affected by the usage life. Usually the life of the tires is three years. If more than three years then the tires are not comfortable to use. How to see the life of the tires is to see the year of tire manufacture. For example written X2018 then it means the 20th week in 2018. Try also for tire pressure also checked. Tire pressure generally ranges from 28psi to 34 psi depending on the type of car and type of tires. Tire wind pressure in each car is usually in the manual. Check the tire condition, especially when traveling long distances.

2. Check Radiator
Radiator serves to neutralize the heat on the car. Water vacuum radiator will cause overheat in the car that is fatal. Therefore it is necessary to note whether the water radiator (coolant) is less or not. It also needs to be considered whether the radiator leak or not. Because the leaking radiator will automatically cause the water to decrease and the engine gets hot. Provide a spare water radiator in the car, for urgent things when on the go.

3. Engine oil

Regular oil change is one of the ways to keep the engine condition in good condition. The oil changes each car varies, but generally when it has traveled 5000-10.000 km. Can be seen in the car manual written oil replacement every 10,000 km, but if the streets and so forth may be less than 10,000 km of oil has to be replaced.

4. Filter
The dirty filter will cause the car difficult to turn on. The filter should be cleaned regularly, as a form of treatment. How to clean the filter is to use a used toothbrush slowly so that the dirt and crust are immediately lost.

5. Fuel tank
Next is checking the fuel tank. Do not let your fuel tank dry. Because it can cause crust on the tank. Preferably the fuel tank is filled to the brim. Immediately refill, before the indicator reaches the red level. Do not wait until the tank is empty, to refuel again.

So some tips to watch out for, while maintaining your car. You can do the treatment yourself, before the regular service schedule to the authorized workshop.

Do not take for granted the things described above, yes. Because the smallest thing, if left unchecked can be a big problem.

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