Tips to Drive The Right Position

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Tips on Driving The Right Position. Usually many drivers who ignore the trivial things in driving. What we often encounter is the ordinance to meet with the correct position. Sometimes the drivers change the sitting position while driving the car because of course want to find a comfortable position. However, most of the desired convenient position tends to be unsafe for the driver himself.

Driving The Right Position
Driving The Right Position

How good is a comfortable sitting position and safe for the driver at the same time? Here (quote from daihatsu):

Tips on Driving The Right Position

1. Car Stir position
The easiest way to explain it is to use the clock language. At the time of driving the hand position should be at 9-3 or 10-2 hours. 9-3 is better because the control levers are in this area. But there are some things that are not recommended when we drive a vehicle, such as with only one hand, hands in the direction of the steering wheel (airbag danger) etc.

2. Distance Range with steering wheel
Set the position of the backrest by placing one hand on the 12-stir clock with a straight hand, then the backrest is set to stick evenly on our back from the bottom to the shoulders. This is the furthest point in the steering circle we should be able to hold.

3. Adjusting the Chair Seat
Next set the height of the seat and adjust the body and the senses of vision to get maximum view while driving, do not forget to wear safety belt correctly, set all the rearview mirror position, and if you want to turn on the audio system, do it before the trip.

4. Position Sitting Properly
The correct sitting position is, the upright body position forms an angle of 100-115 degrees. Therefore, the car seat should also be arranged in such a way that it forms an angle of 100-115 degrees from the seat seat.

5. Install the seat belt
After sitting position is right and comfortable, make sure also wear seat belt properly, that is belly and chest protected belt. This reduces the risk of injury in the event of a collision with another vehicle.

See Video below BMW Carbriolet

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