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zodiac by gift

Tips to Choose a Gift by Zodiac 2017

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Gift by Zodiac 2017. The zodiac is an imaginary belt in the sky with a width of 18 ° centered on the ecliptic circle. But this term may also refer to the constellations of stars passed by the belt, which now number 13.

It is believed that this concept originated from the civilization of the Euphrates River Basin possibly with only 6 constellations: Capricornus, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio, which were then split into 12 because of the 12th full-moon sighting on the successive parts of the belt.

zodiac by gift
Tips for Choosing a Gift by Zodiac 2017

Tips for Choosing a Gift by Zodiac 2017

There are times we undecided when choosing a gift for the birthday of friends, family or even for our loved ones. It is not wrong if we choose a gift by looking at the side of their personality based on the zodiac.

Here are ideas and tips on choosing a gift based on someone’s zodiac.

APRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

Tips for Finding a Gift for a Capricorn.

Capricorn does not view gifts based on big and small. But Capricon prefer in terms of quality of goods in want. Because it takes time to choose a gift for him. Not the type of object, but the quality of the thing. Including those who like to follow fashion, would be more pleased if given a classic gift and not going outdated. Eternal beauty.

Gift for Girls

Can be a cd of his favorite songs, fun novels or funny shirts with a feminine model. Small gift of make-up tool like lipstick or facial brush can also be an option. If you want easy, because most Capricorn girls like to be photographed, gifts of photo frames with any model can make them happy.

Gift for Guys

Due to its slightly sloppy nature, stationery will always be beneficial for Capricorn guys. His favorite sports equipment can also impress him. Create a neat rada, ties may be an alternative. Just remember-remember, do not the flower motif ya !!

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Gift for Aquarius

Somewhat difficult find gift for Aquarius, because the character is distinctive. For simplicity, Aquarius likes the original, rather conservative aka classic and prefer a neutral or transparent color. Not a victim of the trend and have their own style in choosing goods. Hence, creative gift that will be his attention.

For girls

Safest, love flowers. Want one stalk or a bouquet that depends pocket and creativity. But to note, the original, not a paper or plastic flower. A small plaid dress with soft colors can also be an attractive gift. If the girl Aquarius have a new hobby, recognize his hobby. Info about it could be a nice gift, you know!

 For guys

Scientific books or technological advances will interest him. Moreover, many pictures. Striped shirts are usually a mainstay. The color can be free, if not too bright. Socks or belts of neutral colors, must be used and will always be remembered.

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

Gift Tips For Pisces

Attention, that’s the most important thing for Pisces. Because of that usually they do not pay too much attention to the goods, because it is hassles received attention! But there is not forgotten, the greeting card that accompanies the gift.

 For girls

They will be impressed on the gifts you create yourself. Whatever the shape! For example beautiful poetry or handicrafts of your precious results. Pisces people appreciate effort and creativity. If not a homemade purchase, give something useful like a soft nightgown.

for guys

Because generally creative, they also expect a gift that can arouse creativity and there are challenges. For example Unmanned display aircraft, puzzles, jigsaws, or other challenging games. His favorite movie VCD is also okay. In addition, Pisces guys also love motorcycles and automotive magazines!

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Tips on finding a gift for ARIES

Always enthusiastic and happy whenever you receive any gift, do not care about the wrapper. Anyway want to quickly open and know the contents !! .. Because it does not need to deh bother decorate gift wrap for the Aries, because they used to tear the wrapper directly! It would be more enthusiastic if the birthday present comes not only on his birthday!

for girls

Script science fiction books or about crafts. Or a rather serious as knowledge books are also allowed! Thin hair, scarf or thin veil is also preferred because he likes the appearance with a rich complement so. An eye catching fungky ring with bright colors will make it grateful.

for Guys

T-shirts with a picture that is not too crowded or a super jumper sweater could be interesting gift for him. Color is not a problem, as long as it is not a tacky color or too “genjreng”. A book on the biography of successful people can also be, in addition to “donations” for the collection of cars. Which hobby match? Fishing tools must be shocked (I bet it would if he hate fishin! LOL)

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20th)

Tips for Choosing Gifts for Taurus

Usually Taurus will see the prize as a whole. Because of that they will assess the attention given by the gift giver. Overall it means from wrapping paper, greeting cards to gift cards. If you want to give a signal or more attention, convey through gifts on the day of his birthday. It’s the most fitting moment!

for Girls

Glassware display made of glass or ceramic, with feminine and soft motifs such as flowers or ribbons. In addition, things that can support the appearance  like scarves or various accessories of various materials and types. Comfortable sunglasses can also be a mainstay gift!

for Guys

Something else needed! Get to know your best friend or doi Taurus, let me know exactly what is needed then. A small towel when she runs out of basketball or a canvas backpack when she wants rafting. It’s not possible when doi hungry, a bowl of instant noodles or chicken porridge made you a special gift for him. For the creative, markers or rapidol may also.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

A Gift for Gemini

Gemini loves beauty and is always happy to get gifts. The attention is not merely the contents of his gift, but the words written on his card. Poetry and beautiful words in a greeting card can be your gift plus value! Even if paying attention to the price, make Gemini it as a handle to reply to the giver at any time

For Girls

Makeup tools, toiletries and Girls bag. Average importance of appearance, if you want to love shoes will be preferred which model is open like sandals. Gemini girl including likes bag collection, any model will surely be used interchangeably. But it is more like the model is eternal and simple! Cute dolls? Okay too!

For Guys

Steering wheel, gloves and anything related to the automotive world. Miniature Car, Miniature motor and Miniature aircraft, computer components and accessories may also be an option. About color, look bright and bright. Gemini guy likes to be the center of attention!

CANCER (June 21 – July 20)

Gifts for Cancer
Cancer likes to keep gifts from anyone and in any form except food. Can be up to you, if you save! Frequently the Cancer people remember well what he has received. Both the gift and the giver. Therefore if you want to give a gift, look for a long lasting! Even if the gift does not last long, do not forget to insert a small card to save!

For Girls

Small jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, bracelets or pendants made of silver. Especially if complete with a unique jewelry and made of wood. But if you want to bother a little, a tape record full of memory songs will make him jump-jingkrak!

For Guys

Cancer guys painstakingly collect items of historical value. Because his appreciation of art is also high. Old stamps or paintings have a big chance to be a collection. Who likes sports, the signature ball of his flagship softball player or hat can be selected. A comic book comic reading can also be an option!

LEO (21 July – 21 August)

Gift Tips for Leo
Likes or baseball with gifts given, enthusiastic Leo will not fade. The attractiveness of a gift is very strong for them, and it will be apparent through their sparkling eyes. It’s not uncommon to rate a gift from an item, but do not lie Leo with a beautiful gift wrap with no comparable content.

For Girls
A small tart with a candle for romantic and special occasions or tickets to a music concert can be a pleasant surprise. One ice cream cone or a box of chocolates could be the next choice. Want to get his attention? Help them prepare a party or event as planned.

For Guys
A small pin or striped tie is an option. Long pants with a lot of pockets, simple model bags with a length of rope enough to be thrown or foreign language books will complement the cool appearance.

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)

Gift for VIRGO

Many things make people virgo interested. So the alternative gift for people Virgo actually a lot. If not because of accustomed or environment persuasion, Virgo people rarely see the gift from the price. The important thing is fitting! On birthdays or other special days, Virgo people are ready to accept any gift!

For Girls

Display to put in room or study table. Clock sat, pen or photo of herself your own shots. Characteristic, unique or pictorial shape of her favorite cartoon character. The brightly colored time planner will be very useful considering the regular schedule of Virgo girl activities and the prominent character of the pelir.

For Guys

Create a hobby gardening, waterproof and strong gloves will be preferred. Great interest in music and various games, so fitting bener if rewarded walkman, discman complete with the latest CD.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Gift Tips for Libra

It’s great that many people remember her birthday and give a present right away. Do not hesitate to show gifts from someone to others even though it can make people jealous. So if you do not want to be embarrassed you’re gonna be a good gift! But according to the Libra itself, expensive not the size!

for Girls

Pleased to be given a gift that can add beautiful and can to bergenit with a distinctive scent. For example talc or soap with a soft flower fragrance. School bags with large size and neutral colors can make it appear confident. But for the choice of socks, give a colorful color!

for Guys

A white t-shirt that fits on the body, plain or with little pictures, trinkets accessories car or motorcycle favorite or a sporty model wallet of tarpaulin material is the right choice for Libra boys! For those who have an artistic soul, give brushes and painting tools!

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)

Tips on Choosing a Gift for Scorpio

Scorpio people generally have high prestige, passion and enthusiasm are typical. For a gift, something ‘classy’ alias branded and can raise its prestige will be liked – even adored. Generally hooked shopping, so know ‘good stuff’. Because it needs a thick pocket to give a gift to him.
for Girls

Anyway that makes the body so fragrant, such as perfume, body lotion, bath soap or body foam, they will receive with pleasure. Also a small bag complement the appearance or tank top. Do not forget all of the favorite brands. But if you want simple, treat them at a popular restaurant where top people gather.

for Guys
Snazzy, branded sunglasses can be a top choice for this classy lover. Ornamental table decorations that can be placed in his room or CD songs from the idol group music can be the next choice. If you want a little romantic, just love your photo both of him in a vintage picture frame. Something different and classy, that’s the point.

Similarly Tips on Choosing Men / Women Gift based on Zodiac. by knowing his character you can choose the right gift for him.

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