Tips When The car broke down

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Tips When The car broke down. Car strike always make trouble. Finally we can just call a workshop or a friend to help check what’s wrong with the car.

Tips When The car broke down
Tips When The car broke down

From now on, you also need to know the condition of your car. Who knows, the car damage can be solved alone without having to ask for help from others. Here are five things to check when your car broke downn (quoted from daihatsu).

Check This 5 When The Car broke down

Aus Clutch
Clutch wear is characterized by symptoms of exhausted car engines, unable to walk fast and exhausted power on a hill. Usually also accompanied by unpleasant smell from the inside or bottom of the car. It could be a sign that the clutch is burnt and need emergency treatment as soon as possible.


Overheat occurs because the engine is overheated. This can be caused by the water in the radiator is less or run out. Could be due to forgotten filled or leak.

Do not forget to examine some components, such as radiator hoses and other cooling systems on the engine. Let it be safer, it is important to make periodic hose changes.

Oil Indicator Lamp

After cold engine temperature, check the oil indicator. There is a possibility of a strike due to the lack of engine oil. Open the front hood and remove the engine oil rod. Check if the oil is too dry and need additional or not.

Starter Switch

Although often underestimated, actually this one part also has an important role lho on the performance of the car. Check that your Starter Switch is still working properly? The possibility of damage to this tool is large. Naturally, he most often used when trying to turn on or off the vehicle engine.

Car Fuses

When the car broke down, do not forget to check the often forgotten part yes. Especially if it is not a car fuse. Check the fuse box at the bottom of the hood and the steering thoroughly. Make sure everything is still functioning without being broken or melted. If anything is broken, it is better to immediately replace the problem can be resolved immediately.

Car damage can happen anytime and anywhere. For that, always equip the vehicle with adequate needs, such as jack, spare tire, flashlight, mine, fuse, brake fluid, spare engine oil, and others. And the most important is the safety triangle to tell other riders that there is a car stop in front of it.

So, do not panic facing the car broke down. If the damage is hard to tell, the official vehicle workshop has an on-the-road service for help. So, always save the official workshop phone number in the smartphone contacts.

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