Healthy Diet Tips From Ancient Man

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Healthy Diet Tips. Being an early man  is  diet pattern that is often done by ancient man in ancient times. This diet is often called paleo diet. Then why should we adopt the diet that the ancestors of our ancestors did?

Healthy Diet Tips From Ancient Man
Healthy Diet Tips From Ancient Man

Humankind cave used as a guide or reference to help us make a healthy diet and safe diet. Because the ancient man diet can be said to be very healthy and highly recommended for today’s modern-day diet. In running this diet, the food we consume will be made as closely as possible with the food menu that existed in primordial human age.

This paleo diet is considered to be one of the optimal and even clinically tested diets. That help lower the risk of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, and inflammation. The results of several clinical trials also show that the paleo diet is able to lose weight.

Healthy Diet Tips From Ancient Man

In general, the food menu consumed by our ancestors is the foods obtained by natural means and ancient ways (of course) such as fishing, hunting and found in nature. In general these foods are meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Other types of foods that are often consumed by our “grandparents” are tubers and shellfish.

Although we can not follow the human diet menus one hundred percent then just calm down, because there is a modern version of the menu of early humans that we can consume. One of the benchmarks is gluten free food. Gluten itself is like glue or adhesive which is a combination of proteins that can be found in wheat.

The gluten-free food group is as follows:

  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Nuts and seeds are free of pesticides and fungicides.
  • Low-fat meats that eat grass or feed themselves.
  • Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel and tuna.
  • Oil derived from grains and nuts such as olive oil and wallnut oil.

Then what should I avoid in doing this diet?

  1. Dairy products
  2. Lentils, peas and peanuts
  3. Grains that have been exposed to pesticides and potatoes.
  4. Sugar
  5. All packaged foods in general

Those who are on this diet, is not recommended to drink other products other than white water, coconut water, or organic green tea.

If you want to give a sweet taste, we can add original honey or genuine coconut sugar. Although we are allowed to consume raw honey and coconut sugar, we still have to limit it. What must be done by the perpetrator of this diet is to keep doing diligent physical exercise.

Who is recommended for this diet?

As said above that this diet is a diet that is required for us to avoid gluten, then this diet is perfect for you who suffer from diabetes. Food sources contained in this diet are food sources that contain few levels of glycemic index. This type of food makes our pancreas unnecessary to work so much so that we do not need to consume many drugs for diabetes and pancreas.

Although this diet has a good outcome outlook because it focuses on natural foods, but this diet is quite strict enough that not all are able to run it in a long time

The most worrying for people who are on this diet is that these people are thought to be lacking in nutritional balance because there are a number of nutritious foods that are banned like milk for example



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