Vulrenable Stress in Finance Workers
Vulrenable Stress in Finance Workers

Why, Financial Workers Are Vulnerable Stress ?

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Financial Workers Are Vulnerable Stress ?. Stress can be defined as a dangerous physical and emotional response that occurs when job requirements are inconsistent with the abilities, resources, or needs of the worker. Stress can lead to poor health and even injury. The concept of work stress is often confused with the challenge, but the concept is not the same.

Vulrenable Stress in Finance Workers
Vulrenable Stress in Finance Workers

Each profession has its own risk of stress. Among the many jobs, people who work in  finance often found severe stress.”In periodic checks (mental health), finance workers such as accountants, tax officials in some companies are often found under conditions of severe stress,” says specialist doctor Nuri(quoted from liputan6).

Why, Financial Workers Are Vulnerable Stress ?

A workload is called a factor that makes financial workers stress. finance workers , says Nuri, tend to have a lot of work, not to mention difficult and accuracy.

“If you make a big mistake, you should not be wrong if the boss is angry or he can get fired, well, this is really a burden for finance workers”

Often shift workers such as doctors, journalists, security guards, susceptible to stress. According to Nuri, the body actually has a biological clock. However, while working at night, the body fights the biological clock that it should break so.

Well, at this time there is a body mechanism that makes it vulnerable to stress. Not to mention the added workload that increasingly makes the workers depressed.

Global Data

Global data presented by the International Labor Organization (ILO) says there are some professions that are most vulnerable to stress.
Here’s the list of jobs:

  1. People with monotonous work (Example: factory worker whose job is only to install screws)
  2. Secretary
  3. Laboratory technician
  4. Office workers and medical personnel

Stress is a part of life that can not be dodged in present day life. Day by day occasions caused by such weights, activity clog, air contamination, school issues, housekeeping, depression, fuel sponsorships, work requests and time-pass in office, hierarchical change, vocation issues, forlornness, is a wellspring of stress.

Everybody who has had an occupation feels the worry of business related anxiety. In the short run, you may encounter strain to meet due dates or meet testing commitments.

When work stretch ends up noticeably interminable, it can overpower – and unsafe to physical and passionate wellbeing.

Consequences of Stress at Work on Individual Workers and Organizations.

Excessive physical effects of stress have long been known  from heart attacks and strokes to ulcers and other digestive disorders.

Constant Stress will likewise influence the insusceptible framework, causing incessant colds and different infections. Mentally, stress can cause despondency, tension and even fits of anxiety. In particular, the anxiety created by hostility in the work environment has been “related with physical and mental weights, bringing about diminished efficiency, responsibility and steadfastness,” Harmon said.


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