Easy Tips to Clean the Smartphone because of Stubborn Puncture

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With the development of smartphone technology more innovative than ever, it is possible for users to spend longer in front of his smartphone.

Due to frequent use of a smartphone, therefore, your smartphone certainly can not be free from the name of dirt. Whether it’s dirt from dust, sweat, or food stains.

tips to clean smartphone
tips to clean smartphone

Do you know, in addition to dirt, smartphones also can not be separated from bad bacteria? Citing the How to Geek page, in a number of tests, the smartphone turned out to contain more germs than a toilet seat.

Prepare the Cleaning Tool

Before performing the cleaning process, prepare the necessary cleaning tool first. Some of them are microfiber cloth commonly used to clean the lens of glasses.

Also prepare also cotton buds to clean the sidelines that are difficult to reach and distilled water (clean water) to clean the screen and camera lens. Distilled water is distilled water that does not contain chemicals so it does not leave stains.

Also prepare isopropyl alcohol to clean buttons and casing smartphones made of plastic.

Clean the Outside

Make sure you do not use window cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, CLR or abrasives as they may damage the surface of the smartphone body.

After all cleaning utensils are available, start by turning off your smartphone by pressing the power button. You must also remove the screen protector or attached smartphone accessories.

Be careful when removing the screen protector because of the risk of causing a scratch. Do not forget to remove the battery from the smartphone before cleaning.

If your smartphone carries a qwerty keyboard, wipe it with cotton buds that have been immersed in alcohol. Do not rub it too hard and it is not advisable to wipe the alcoholic liquid into or under the keyboard.

If the smartphone body equipped with metal trim, use cotton buds moistened with water (not alcohol).

Clear Whole

  1. After the outside looks clean and free of stubborn stains, use dried cotton buds to clean the dust that sticks under the battery cover.
  2. If dust or stains are hard to clean, wet the cotton buds with a little distilled water, then wipe slowly.
  3. After that clean the surface of the camera lens with cutton buds that have been moistened with water and rub gently with a circular motion. After the lens is clean, immediately dry with cotton buds so the water does not dry on the surface of the lens.

Clean the Screen

  • Next clean the surface of the screen using a microfiber cloth. Do not wash microfiber cloth with water because it can cause moisture.
  • Clean the screen in one direction, from the speaker hole toward the microphone. Do not use circular motion because it can cause scratches that are also circular.
  • If the smartphone is made of metal or glass material, it means that the smartphone has oleophobic properties (literally means it can not get oil from the face or hands).
  • So, make sure not to rub it too hard or use alcohol because it can accelerate the wear process on the body layer of the smartphone.

Clean Additional Cases

  • If the smartphone uses an extra plastic cover or casing, clean the inside and outside with an alcohol-cotton buds. Let the casing dry by itself, before reattaching it to the smartphone.

When using leather case, use a leather cleaner designed to clean and moisturize the skin. This cleaning tool can be purchased at many automotive accessory stores and online stores. Leather cleaner can certainly remove stubborn dirt.


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