Car Maintenance Tips During Rainy Season

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Car Maintenance Tips During Rainy Season. There are various car maintenance that we must do to keep  in good condition during the rainy season.

Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance

The rainy season is a season where more cars can quickly break down. Rain containing salt that can damage the surface of the car paint, if ignored for too long can make the surface of the car rust and and also the car body is more quickly dirty. Well, to prevent it, following tips to keep the car in the rainy season:

Car Maintenance Tips During Rainy Season

Do not Allow Dry Water
When your car gets wet, do not let the rain water dry by itself. Quickly wash your car, remove rain water that can quietly damage the paint and lining of your car. Use a car wash soap and also a smooth sponge and rinse with water until clean.

Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance

Check the Car Engine Parts Component
A lot of people after the car rains, just wipe and check the outside of the car only. But try to check the engine of your car. Because water is a liquid thing that will very easily enter through the slightest gap. So you have to make sure that the water does not get into the engine and make your car crash when it will be ridden again.

Silicon Spray
Cars have rubber and glass parts of some sides, and if these rubber and glass are often exposed to rain and rain and then heat, the glass and rubber parts will be easily damaged. So you should periodically spray the liquid silicon to make the glass and rubber more durable and flexible.

Add Carpet To Prevent Mushrooms
When the rainy season arrives, passengers entering the car will be very vulnerable to wet footwear, then wet the floor of the car and finally dirty and become mushrooms on the floor of the car. So add a carpet to coat the car seat, to avoid the floor that will quickly get dirty during the rainy season and also the fungus that is easy to grow.

Put the Car In The Safe and Closed Garage

After washing the car and drying it. During the rainy season do not forget to immediately put the car into a closed garage, it is clear to avoid your car from rain water that at any time can pollute your car again.

Tips for car maintenance in the rainy season (quoted from daihatsu).

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