Car Maintenance Tips Eliminate Asphalt Stain on Body

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Car Maintenance Tips Eliminate Asphalt Stain on Body.  Usually the attached asphalt is difficult to clean, even some are stubborn to the risk of damaging the car paint layer.

Therefore it takes a special trick to make no mistake in car body maintenance. But calmly, friends just need to note the tricks and tips quickly remove the following asphalt stains.

Car Maintenance tips
Car Maintenance tips

Must first prepare the right tools and materials. Like a soft clean cloth washcloth, asphalt repellent liquids such as kerosene, diesel, gasoline or wax. Make sure when you want to clean the stain condition on the body in a dry state.

Car Maintenance Tips Eliminate Asphalt Stain on Body

Tips 1
Choose one of the fluids you want to use. If so, prepare a washcloth and wet with the liquid that has been selected. Stick the dampened cloth on the asphalt stain for several minutes to soften and the adhesion begin to decrease. You can also give a little pressure to the liquid in the rags can be more pervasive on the stains that stick to the asphalt. Petroleum, diesel, gasoline or wax liquids contain substances that make bitumen soft.

Tips 2

If you’ve attached a few minutes of fluid, start rubbing the stain gently and repeatedly. If the rag begins to dry, wet again and scrub again until the stain is completely lifted and lost.

This will cause damage to the body of your car. Rub gently several times until the stain dissolves and comes off.

Tips 3

If the asphalt stain is completely gone, wipe back with a soft, soft, soft cloth cloth. Well, in some cases after the asphalt stains cleaned, freshly cleaned car paint will look to be dull. Therefore, the Companions can clean it with wax to paint the car look shiny again.

So, if your car is hit by asphalt stains do not panic, just use the trick above.

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