8 tips to maintain health in extreme weather
8 tips to maintain health in extreme weather

8 tips to maintain health in extreme weather

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At a time when such extreme weather changes certainly trigger the arrival of diseases such as fever, influenza, diarrhea, headaches, throat infections and much more. This disease is so rapidly transmitted especially caused by the virus through droplet infection or water particles that can be generated by a spark when coughing, sneezing etc. But if the disease arises by bacteria, its spread can be through direct contact or through food.

Then how to maintain health in this extreme weather zone? Here we give you 8 tips to maintain health in extreme weather, among others:

1. Enough rest

Lack of rest can trigger the immune system to decline because the body has been tired of activity forced to carry out their duties. The tired body is like a low battery smartphone and should be discharged for reuse, as well as the body when tired he needs a rest to get him back fit to move.

To maintain health during extreme weather should you always keep the pattern of rest, eating patterns and activity patterns with balance. Because if one of these elements is not met then health is at stake.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

Delicious culinary is delicious eaten to repel hunger whack, but as a wise consumer you should be selective in choosing a delicious, healthy, and served culinary while maintaining food hygiene. In addition, you should consume nutritious foods, inadequate and regular portions.

3. Maintain personal hygiene and environment

Maintaining personal hygiene with routine bathing and washing hands before and after meals, before cooking, after the toilet, after traveling from the outside and before sleeping etc. we must do to minimize the evil germs that nest on our skin and hands. Besides maintaining the condition of the house remains clean, cutlery, and kitchen utensils that we use to suffice the intake of nutrients we should also note cleanliness.

4. Avoid bad habits

Bad habits that must be avoided to maintain health, among others: smoking, staying up, snacking haphazardly in place that is not clean, consume alcohol, sleep in the morning etc,

5. Consuming adequate amount of water

Drink enough water because during the weather Extreme with high temperatures the body needs enough fluid intake to compensate for the high metabolism of the body, helps the kidneys in filtering blood performance, prevent dehydration, etc..

6. Regular exercise

Exercise so plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body because it can make the immune system increases, helps the smooth metabolism, maintaining the health of the limbs etc, so that with good immune conditions then the disease will not easily infect.

7. Take supplements if necessary

Maintaining the condition of the body stay fit by taking body supplements such as vitamins does not hurt, so with a double shield both from within and outside the body, we make the body immune to the attack of the disease.

8. Consult a physician

If you feel your health condition has deteriorated, then do not hesitate to immediately consult a doctor. It is highly recommended to get immediate treatment so that worse conditions do not happen to you.

To maintain health when the weather Extreme should always be ready for stamina to increase endurance. By downloading various health info from your digital page it will be easier to get various ways to deal with extreme weather without having to move from home Health info above we must do with discipline and we share to our loved ones to maintain our health in any weather. And not easily infected when the phenomenon of various outbreaks of disease hit people around us.

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