7 Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally
7 Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally

7 Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally

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7 Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally.

Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally
      Tips To Treat Heart Disease Naturally

Now, the death rate caused by heart disease is very high. Heart disease becomes one of the most feared types of disease and avoided as much as possible. In fact, heart disease can affect anyone, regardless of age and social status. The best way to avoid heart disease is to try to prevent heart disease, especially by knowing the characteristics of the occurrence of heart disease, so that can be done handling of heart disease. However, there are many people with heart disease who are late in knowing the existence of heart disease until finally they just found out when already had a heart attack. Preventing heart disease is better than treating heart disease. So what if it turns out heart disease has attacked?Here are 7 tips to treat heart disease naturally that can be done.


As I mentioned above, the most important effort you should do is to do prevention. If you do not know what efforts to prevent heart disease, you can read the article on 7 tips to prevent heart disease here.

To treat heart disease naturally, you can do it by improving your lifestyle to be healthier. One way is to consume several types of fruits and vegetables that can help treat heart disease naturally. Why consume fruits and vegetables? Because we know that in fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and other substances needed by the body. Here is a list of some of the fruits and vegetables you can consume to help treat heart disease naturally.

7 Tips to Treat Heart Disease Naturally with Herbal Ingredients

1. Breadfruit

This breadfruit leaf contains flavonoids and sitosterols are efficacious for the heart and blood vessels that can lower cholesterol and be able to inhibit the accumulation of the aortic vessel wall, how to take 1 sheet of old breadfruit leaves from the tree and then boiled with 5 cups water to water reduced half and then add another 5 cups boiled water again to half and then strain and drink the water for a day do this up to a week.


2. Turmeric

Turmeric is efficacious to dissolve blood cholesterol levels that clog blood vessels, how grated 4 segments of turmeric finger and then brewed turmeric was with ½ cup hot water for 15 minutes then strain and drink the juice can be added with Javanese sugar or honey to taste.


3. Avocado

This fruit can slow the absorption of carotenoids, especially beta carotin and lycopene is very good for heart health because it can lower LDL or bad cholesterol while continuing to work up the HDL levels in the body.


4. Sweet potato

Sweet potato contains phytonutrient substances that can facilitate the body’s damaged cells and blood circulation, pressing blood sugar to stay normal and effectively keep heart disease.


5. Apple 

Apples contain components that serve to stimulate the heart. Apples and processed apples such as applesauce are very useful for patients with heart trouble.


6. Red onion

Red onion is very useful to overcome heart disease. These vegetables work to normalize blood cholesterol by oxidizing excess cholesterol. One teaspoon of raw onion juice in the morning is said to be very beneficial in cases like this.


7. Honey

Honey contains various components that serve to prevent all types of heart disease. Honey works spur the heart and accelerate blood circulation. In addition, honey is also effective in relieving the pain and heart rate. Just one tablespoon of honey per day is consumed after meals.


That’s just some natural ingredients you can use for treat heart disease naturally. 7 tips to treat heart disease naturally by utilizing fruits and vegetables is a better way, because all of these ingredients are natural, with no chemical ingredients. But again I reiterate, that the main priority that needs to be done is to prevent heart disease itself, start a healthy lifestyle. Increase the frequency of exercise, improve eating patterns that are less healthy, and do not forget to avoid excessive stress. Hopefully an article on 7 tips to treat heart disease naturally this can be useful for you all.

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