7 Tips to Take Care of the Body Skin with Natural Methods
7 Tips to Take Care of the Body Skin with Natural Methods

7 Tips to Take Care of the Body Skin with Natural Methods

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It is not easy to maintain and care for the skin of the body to keep it clean, bright, healthy and charming. For those of you who want a perfectly beautiful body skin, you need to do painstaking and patient treatment with all the steps below. There are several tips on how to care for skin body that would be a reference for you to do every day.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Water is very good for health benefits of the body and skin because it can hydrate the skin so it does not look dry or dull. With the amount of fluid that is met every day, body skin will remain healthy, without drought or excess oil. Approximately 8-10 glasses of water are the most recommended to drink.

2. Bath with Shower or Shower

For those of you who are accustomed to showering by using a shower or shower, apparently, this is a good way of care for your body skin. Compared to the bath method, showering under the shower will be more effective in providing protection against body skin. The water is better if it is lukewarm, so it is not too hot and not too cold.

3. Wearing Low pH Soap

To treat the skin of the body is always clean and healthy, you can use a soap that is low pH or soap that is super soft every time bathing. If your skin is dry and dies shortly after taking a bath, pay attention to the soap choices you use. Low pH and soft-textured soap will keep your skin healthy and smooth without drying it.

4. No Smoking

Stop smoking for those who are already accustomed to smoking. In addition to being able to cause severe hair loss, smoking also damages skin health. Not only lung cancer alone is the biggest threat of this smoking habit, but also the dullness of the skin and cause signs of premature aging.

Do not blame your aging skin if you smoke every day or exposed to cigarette smoke.Immediately stop this habit if you want to have healthy body skin, fresh, and bright naturally. Not smoking is one of the best parts of your healthy lifestyle.

5. Wearing Warm Clothes When Cold Air

The skin of the body needs protection when the weather is very cold. Eve or cold air can make the body’s skin easier to dry. The skin will become unhealthy and uncomfortable at the same time, not to mention later also appear scales and rough textures that are very disturbing appearance. Wearing warm clothing is definitely the solution to the body does not dry out and get moisture.

6. Get Enough Sleep Quality

Sleep not only serves to rest the brain and organs in our body. When getting good sleep quality and enough, skin health will also be maintained perfectly. For the skin look fresher and healthier, 7-9 hours is the recommended sleep time for you so that the body gets plenty of rest and repair the body tissue cells run smoothly.

7. Protecting Skin from UV Exposure

Besides being important in providing protection against the skin from cold air, you also need to provide protection to the skin from exposure to malignant ultraviolet rays. Should not expose your skin when sunlight is hot. Sunscreen is what you need to apply everytime you want to go in the day that its SPF matches the skin type.

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