7 Tips for a Healthy Family
7 Tips for a Healthy Family

7 Tips for a Healthy Family

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Having a healthy family is everyone’s dream. But the circumstances and circumstances surrounding us and the variation of one’s body power to disease make it difficult to achieve the dream thing to achieve. Everyone must have been ill, but the risk of illness can be minimized or reduced risk by considering the following:

1. Rest / Sleep
The time it takes a normal human to sleep approximately 8 hours a day or a third day. Sleep time will increase with age, where infants, young children and the elderly need more sleep than adults and young people. Adequate sleep can increase the body’s resistance and energy in the body, so as to avoid ourselves from various attacks of harmful diseases.

2. Food
Eat nutritious foods regularly, not excessively and not less. Excess food can increase blood sugar levels which eventually lead to diabetes is very dangerous.Lack of eating can also cause malnutrition, low blood, lethargy, and so forth. Note also the nutritional content according to a reasonable dose, because excessive a substance is not good for health.

3. Psychic Condition / Psychology
Do not be overly stressed with things in your life. For what’s hard, we better be happy. If your job makes you stress and dizzies about seven times around then you should start looking for business opportunities or other jobs that do not make you much stress. If you have a problem you should talk to other people close to you.Psychic and mind burden can affect the immune system whose effect can invite physical and spiritual diseases. There is a way out of every problem. Spend your time on something that is fun for yourself and does not ever run into liquor and drugs.

4. Body Resistance
Boost your immune system by consuming a variety of natural foods or drinks that can ward off germs and disease attacks. Familiarizing yourself with traditional herbs or drinking bitter tea every day can increase anti-oxidant substances in the body to eliminate free radical substances from the surrounding environment that harm our health.

5. Financial Economics
Having enough income for everyday purposes and savings for a halal future will make your life calm and inner. If you are still struggling with basic needs then change your mindset. Work with your wife, husband or friend to pioneer a business that has good opportunities and prospects, who knows can be successful and make you free from financial problems. Do not live wastefully, and start life simple even though your income is great.

6. Social
Live well with your neighbors in your neighborhood. Expand friends and relationships and stay away from hostility and all other bad attitudes and attitudes to others. The term is a thousand friends are still lacking, one enemy most.sudah most. Having a good relationship with your neighbors and relatives is very beneficial for you because they can help you anytime you need it. The selection of friends is also very important. Choose a good friend who can help you and will not plunge or harm you. Reciprocity is also important, where you should provide assistance to others who need help. A good and healthy social life can make you relax and can reduce the risk of psychiatric disorders both mild and severe.

7. Maintain personal hygiene and the environment around us

Maintaining personal hygiene is also one of the tips to maintain a healthy body that needs to be considered and maintained properly because it is related / closely related to our appearance in the general public. tidiness and body hygiene such as hair, nails, face, eyes, ears, skin, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, etc. can have an effect on the overall health of the body. Avoid exchanging toiletries, preening, health, personal clothing with others because it may be able to transmit dangerous diseases.

Keep the environment clean from garbage and environmental disease disorders because the environment can affect the health of our body. Garbage and rotting garbage can produce unpleasant odors, dirty scenery, flying flies, the voices of people around them, and so on.

Trash can also be a nest of disease spreaders such as mice that spread leptospirosis diseases through rat urine and typhoid. Mosquitoes can also spread the seeds plasmodium that can result in malaria and dengue fever in a person. Flies that spread bacteria and viruses that cause digestive diseases such as diarrhea, and so forth.

Pollution such as garbage and household waste, factory waste, noise pollution, and other pollution needs to be resolved in a well-coordinated and coordinated manner among community members in an environment to produce good clean and comfortable outcomes

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