7 Forbidden Places to Use Smartphones

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Smartphones can not be separated in everyday life. Every day, we definitely need a smartphone to do work or just entertainment. It should be noted, excessive smartphone usage is also not good.

7 Forbidden Places to Use Smartphones
7 Forbidden Places to Use Smartphones

For example when with family, we are even fun with smartphones. When we go to the bathroom, we bring a smartphone. Unknowingly, we become addicted because it can not be separated from the smartphone.

Anytime anywhere we’re used to seeing people using smartphones. Either because it is urgent business or because of addiction to smartphones, even many smartphone users who use it in the wrong place. It’s not impossible you wrong one.

Although designed to be used anytime anywhere, it’s good you pay attention to where the use of smartphones. Here are 7 forbidden places to use smartphone.

7 Forbidden Places to Use Smartphones

1. Gas station

The most common place forbidden to use a smartphone is a gas station. Rat Rat sure you already know this right? Because there is already a written ban when entering the gas station. In fact, not infrequently if you are caught using a smartphone at the gas station, it will be rebuked directly by the employees who served there.

2. In the Toilet
Toilets are forbidden to use smartphones. But admit deh, many of you who often use smartphones in the toilet right? Because instead of dazed fit in the toilet, would be more fun if while chatting or reading news on smartphones.
because of the habit of bringing smatphone to this toilet, your smartphone so full of bacteria? Just imagine you’re using a lot of bacteria contaminated items when eating, calling, and more..

3. At the Funeral Ceremony
Do not ever use your smartphone while attending a funeral. Be sympathetic. Using a smartphone can be a laugh and a smile if there is something funny that is displayed on your smartphone. Of course this will hurt the feelings of families who are in mourning. And, do not ever selfie in an atmosphere of mourning.

4. In Place Dating with Girlfriend

In front of you there is a girlfriend that is so handsome or beautiful, your period even fun to play smartphone? Appreciate your partner by talking directly and brainstorming.

5. In Class When There is a Master

For you students, already the rules of teachers do not play for smartphone during the lesson. Dare to play smartphone when the teacher again teach? The risk is your smartphone is confiscated. Plus can be minus points that will affect your score. It is forbidden to play smartphone in class.

6. In The Movie

Before the movie will begin, there is always a warning not to use the smartphone in the cinema. Because the cinema room is dark and silent, the light and sound generated from your smartphone use will interfere with the concentration of others who are also watching.  In addition it also aims to minimize the process of recording movies using a smartphone.

7. In The Car, When It Became The Driver

As you drive, always focus your eyes on the road. Do not occasionally chatting while driving, because it will divert your sight and concentration. Not impossible when fun drive suddenly there is another vehicle in front right? The risk of accidents will be even greater if you drive a car while using a smartphone.

Using smartphones in the above places is prohibited as it relates to security and comfort together.

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