6 Secrets Diet Tips to Ideal Body

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6 Secrets Diet Tips to Ideal Body.  According to statistics, the average person tries to lose weight at least four times a year. But only 1 out of every 100 people who managed to lose weight.

6 Secrets Diet Tips to Ideal Body
6 Secrets Diet Tips to Ideal Body

Launch from Brightside.com & liputan6.com. There are 6 secrets to successfully losing weight from one in 100 successful people. For you diet fighters, who knows can restore the spirit that began to slack and motivate.

6 Secrets Diet Tips to Ideal Body

1. Consistent
Sound easy but difficult to live. In a diet process you should be consistent with the initial intentions. Start eating fruits every day and avoid fast food that contains lots of fat and cholesterol. It is difficult at the beginning but if you are consistent, it will become a habit and not difficult anymore.

2. Always monitor your progress
Always monitor and record your progress regularly. It’s important to generate motivation and enthusiasm so you continue to consistently run a diet program.

3. Do not forget sports
There is no healthy diet without exercise. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day for sports. It’s easy to get used to walking and keep your body moving

4. Seek support from friends and family
The moral support of the people around is very important when you are on a diet. They can remind to be careful with high-calorie foods when you forget.

5. Determine your metabolic type
If you feel you’ve done everything to lose weight but still not seen the results, do not give up. Learn more about your metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism, arm yourself with patience and not careless.

6. Every diet needs supervision
If you decide to start a diet, think about contacting a good nutritionist for proper supervision and diet suggestions. Do not go on a random diet, let alone not eat at all. An incorrect diet will only bring new problems and illnesses.


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