5 Tips to maintain Old Car

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Old Car maintenance Tips. Older cars need more attention in terms of maintenance. This is due to the components that have been close to the age of use, so vulnerable to damage.

old car maintenance
old car maintenance

Although the cost of old car maintenance can be said not a bit. Certainly not a problem for older car lovers because this part of their hobby and collection. Well, here’s a simple maintenance to keep your old car condition:

5 Tips on maintaining Old Car

1. Oil Change Routinely

Oil becomes a mandatory requirement that must be considered for older car users. By regular oil exhausting will improve engine performance. Also make sure that the oil fill volume should not be less.

2. Check the condition of the car engine

Checking the car engine should be done periodically, so that your car engine stay healthy, let alone the old car is very vulnerable to strike and sudden damage appears. Then consider also the components such as piston, ring and rubber-buffer and also the part pengapianya system if there are components that are damaged or have begun to weaken should be immediately replaced with new components.

3. Check the condition of the car legs

Note the condition of the legs of your car, this problem is often the case for old cars. One of them there is a disturbing noise on the car can occur due to iron that coincide between the legs. Before it happens, it’s always good to check out this section.

4. Unplug Battery Channels

Old cars are not used everyday just for hobbies. If so, you can remove the battery head to disconnect the flow of the electrical system, this can increase the life of the battery.

5. Exterior  And Interior maintenance

Exterior and interior are important for the appearance and comfort of your car. Suppose you can do a repainting if the paint has begun to fade or replace the seat for comfort when driving.

You just need less attention to old car maintenance. Hopefully the above information can help take care of your old car.

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