gift Tips for girlfriend
gift Tips for girlfriend

5 Tips Giving a Gift to Sweetheart (Girlfriend)

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5 Tips Giving a Gift to Sweetheart (Girlfriend). You  want to choose a birthday gift for girlfriends, can give a sweet surprise or cute stuff because in general women like both.

In addition you also need to prepare a birthday present from long-distant days. Set an alarm to remind you a few days before so you do not forget to buy a gift.

gift Tips for girlfriend
gift Tips for girlfriend

The gift  must be what your girlfriend really wants. Usually women like to give instructions explicitly what he wants. For example when he was in the shopping center and he saw the bag he wanted then he will ask your opinion about the bag.

You can make it a sign that he is wanting the bag.

Not only that, birthday gift should also be in accordance with his needs. If your girlfriend is currently taking an exam at school then you can give him a textbook or stationery.

Meanwhile, if your girlfriend is working then you can give her notebook to record meeting schedule.

You can also give it a birthday gift that is not in the form of goods, such as vacation trips together to a favorite destination. Spending a birthday with you while on vacation will be a special and unforgettable moment for her.

Whatever form of birthday gift make sure you adjust it to your budget. Remember, do not force yourself to give an expensive gift because the most desired by your boyfriend is your business fun, even with the simple thing.

5 Tips Giving a Gift to Sweetheart (Girlfriend)

Tips 1: Choose a cheap birthday gift but have a high symbol of love.

For example: tickets  concerts, or poetry books. This is a kind of gift that does not incriminate the wallet but still has the essence of love is high enough.

Tips 2 : if the first type of gift is less useful, you can try the second type of gift, the items that fit your hobby and have a long-term value and function. For example, your girlfriend likes to cook, then you can try to give your boyfriend a cutting board or apron pictorial romantic photos you two.

Tips 3:  If you have determined what items you want to make a gift, then do not forget to wrap it using a nice gift box and romantic.

Keep this in mind: for the gift business, women always like the impression on the look. That’s the importance of gift boxes. He was able to boost quality and gift quality in it. No matter how cheap the gift, as long as the gift box is good and qualified, it must be more luxurious and valuable.

In fact, at some point, women actually prefer the sensation of opening gifts from the gift box rather than the contents of the gift itself.

Tips 4: If the gift is ready, give it separately preceded by birthday cake delivery.

Let your girlfriend think that the birthday cake you sent is the last surprise, when she is only the opening for the next surprise.

Tips 5:  Include your girlfriend’s birthday present with a romantic message that is peppered with a little jokes.

“Happy birthday my girlfriend. I feel very lucky to have found true love in your arms. If you know, my greatest pride in the presence of another human being is calling you my girlfriend. Here I send a birthday present as a price for my pride”

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