5 Tips to Car Light Looks New

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Tips to Car Light Looks New. Does your car’s light look dull? Your light rays can be reduced to a maximum when it rains. Well, if this happens to be ready to clean and care for the lights to be good again.

In addition, the car glass can also be dull because it is made of mica that usually gets hot in the sun or exposed to the heat of the lamp bulb you use. Scurvy and moldy can also be a major cause.

Tips to Car Light Looks New
Tips to Car Light Looks New

You can do it yourself without having to be irritated. Prepare materials that you can get for automotive parts such as compounds, cleaning fluid such as car wax or tire polish foam, smooth clean cloth, soap, brush and sandpaper with size 1500 if needed.

5 Tips to Car Light Looks New

After all the materials needed are ready, here are tips for the new light look just back:

  1. Clean the lamp with a duster by rubbing or brushing it. This is useful for removing dirt and mushrooms attached to the lamp.
  2. After that, dry with a soft dry cloth until completely dry perfectly.
  3. Pay attention to mica that are blurred due to delicate or deep scratches. If there is only a soft scratch, you can apply the compound or liquid cleaning to the scratched surface of the mica.
  4. After that, rub on a clean cloth with rotating motion and wait until dry. Do not forget to scrub again until the mica surface becomes softer and clearer.
  5. To get maximum results, you can repeat the steps above up to three times or until you get the clear light back.

Is not that easy enough? do it now.

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