5 Tips to Beat Stress When Stuck in a Traffic Jam
5 Tips to Beat Stress When Stuck in a Traffic Jam

5 Tips to Beat Stress When Stuck in a Traffic Jam

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Traveling by private car may be one of the most common transportation options for most people. However, severe congestion in big cities can make driving a bit exhausting. Additional honking horns, other vehicles that are grabbing the lanes, and public transport that stop increasingly boost your stress level on the streets. And you should be alert to this condition. According to The American Institute of Stress, long-term stress is bad for heart health, reproduction, and digestion. Not to mention emotional problems like depression and excessive worry. In order for all this no long tail to you, here we give some tips to keep you relax while driving in the middle of congestion.

1. Leave Early

You are stuck in the street with hundreds of other cars while there is an important 15-minute presentation. Traffic lights seem to conspire to block you to the destination. A loud clatter of horns did not help to break up the traffic jam. Behind your resentment with the intricate streets, had time to regret why not leave early. Yes, fear of being late is one of the main causes you feel stress when driving. So, always allocate more time by departing faster when you want to drive to a place. It may be difficult at first, especially if you are someone who is busy. But, by starting to get used to spending more time, you can prevent stress.

2. Provide Snacks

Driving for long periods can drain energy. An empty stomach can make your emotions more easily ignited and bring stress. Surely a bit difficult to find a place to eat in when you are struggling with congestion, is not it?Therefore, always prepare a snack in your car. Of course, not the kind of high-calorie snacks such as fried or nachos. Choose beans, especially almonds, as a snack on your journey. The content of vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc in almonds play a big role to improve mood and dispel stress. Other snacks such as raisins can restore your wasted energy while driving.

3. Release with Aroma

Put a scented peppermint or lavender fragrance in your car to reduce stress. Research from the University of Maryland Médical Center found both fragrance fragrances can reduce fatigue and relieve stress. Another alternative is to chew gum flavored peppermint.

4. Maximize Audio Device

The audio device in your car is certainly not just sweetener on the dashboard. Various features ranging from radio, TV to GPS have now become standard in the latest cars. Listen to your favorite songs to lower excessive tension during driving. According to Elizabeth Scott, MS, author of 8 Keys to Stress Management, music can bring happiness and become a very powerful stress drug. Also, why not try to improve your language skills while driving? Currently, there are many audio CDs to learn various foreign languages. You can release stress as well as seduce him with the French language you just learned. Jet’aime mon chéri …

5. Change Routines

How often do you cross the same road from house to office and vice versa? Every day? The same routine every day will create boredom. Try occasionally to change your route by looking for a new alternative way.Who knows, you can find a smoother route. In addition, by seeing new things during the trip, you can reduce the risk of stress. But remember, do not you ever stray. Use a map or GPS to anticipate the possibility of getting lost.

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