5 Easy Tips for Digestion

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5 Easy Tips for Digestion. A daily diet rich in fat and calories creates pressure on the liver and digestive system, so you need to re-balance it. Improper digestion can damage the daily life. Not to mention if you are planning to vacation or spend a weekend with lots to eat.

Tips for Digestion
Tips for Digestion

Dolly Kumar is a health expert from India, providing some easy tips that can help you strengthen the liver and digestive system – as reported by The Health Site and liputan6.┬áHere are 5 easy tips to smooth your digestion :

5 Easy Tips for Digestion

Tips for Digestion #1. Reduce caffeine consumption

Too much caffeine (more than two cups a day) can slow the detoxification process on the liver, and lower the digestive system. Switch to green tea, which is smaller in caffeine levels.

Tips for Digestion #2. Stop consuming sugar

Sugar large enough to cause the liver to change the fructose in it into fat in the blood. Begin using natural sweeteners, such as honey, to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver, as well as to boost digestion.

Tips for Digestion # 3. Limit your intake of dairy products

Eating dairy products in high quantities – except yoghurt – builds mucus in the liver. As a result, toxins in the body will accumulate and digestion decreases.

Choose proteins from plants that will be easier to digest, to replace daily protein intake.

Tips for Digestion #4. Expand the fiber

Fiber cleans the digestive system and reduces the workload of the liver. Add more oats in the daily menu. Oats are rich in fiber and protein.

Tips for Digestion #5. Switch to a healthier oil

Vegetable oil or sesame oil makes your liver work harder. Switch to healthier oils like olive oil or flaxseed, which are more easily absorbed by the body.

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