5 Benefits Without a Bra,No Bra Day

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No Bra Day is celebrated by women in the world every October 13th. This warning is not a porno-action movement, but rather as a support for awareness of breast cancer worldwide Awareness.

Some 50,000 Brits are diagnosed with breast cancer every year – while one in women will develop it at some point in their lifetimes.

No Bra Day
No Bra Day

In addition to raising awareness of the dangers of breast cancer, not wearing a bra all day turned out to have a positive impact on health, such as making the breasts become healthier.

Some of the following are benefits gained if you are not wearing a bra all day, as quoted from Bustle.

5 Benefits Without a Bra,No Bra Day

Improve blood circulation
Other benefits are not wearing a bra that makes the blood flow more smoothly around the chest and helps build muscle tissue, also keep your skin firmly fixed.

Putting is bigger
Roullion’s study also found that women’s nipples who did not wear a bra lifted an average of 7 mm higher than women wearing a bra.

Wearing a bra does not provide long-term benefits
Rouillon conducted a 15-year study of the effects of breast bras in that time period. She finds that there is no special benefit from wearing a bra. He also said, “Medically, physiologically and anatomically, breasts do not benefit from it (wearing a bra).”

Breasts are firmer

In a study conducted by Jean Denis Rouillon, professor of University of Francge-Comté, he found the fact that without a bra, breasts become stronger and firmer.

The long-term effects of not wearing a bra show that more muscle tissue grows to make the breasts firm naturally.


By not wearing a bra all day, you can be free from the hook that curb the ribs. This can make you more free to move and provide comfort throughout the day. In addition, it also lowers the risk of back pain due to inappropriate bra selection.


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