4 Tips to Overworked Professional Remains Fit & Healthy
4 Tips to Overworked Professional Remains Fit & Healthy

4 Tips to Overworked Professional Remains Fit & Healthy

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Most of the workers must have experienced overtime work hours until late at night. Overtime work is always identical with hours of labor, torture with sleepiness and accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle because usually people who do work overtime often befriended with black coffee or other types of drinks that can overcome the feeling of sleepiness.

If you begin to feel things like a tired body, muscles that feel so stiff and tense, dizziness that feels so torturous to have trouble sleeping, this may be triggered by you often work overtime and not balanced with a pattern of living healthy.

Well, try some tips below to maintain the condition of the body to stay fit despite frequent overtime work.

1. Pay attention to Snack Problems

Snacking or enjoying a light snack is often the choice of a gentle person to keep her flavor so as not to be easily drowsy. However, not infrequently selected the snack to accompany the activity of overtime is a snack with unhealthy types that can increase the risk of obesity. To keep the spirit to stay tense and make the flavor of the soup not often appear during soft work, then replace your snacks with healthier foods.Snacks do not mean always a spicy snack, fruit, and vegetables you can make as a healthy snack. If you are less fond of eating fruit and vegetables directly, then you can combine these foods with packaged into a delicious juice or salad.


2. Avoid Cigarettes

Overtime late into the night accompanied by a sense of drowsiness that is so torture, often overcome by smoking. Many people think smoking can make your work morale harder and more excited. But is that right?Probably not much different from caffeine, smoking means you can wake up longer, just the content of nicotine in cigarettes can increase the risk of stress and also worsen health. For that, you should avoid smoking when doing overtime work.


3. Keep Healthy Diet

Overtime often makes us delay the dinner which finally at dinner hour we delay until late at night. However, do you know if you continue to do these bad habits, then some health threats may have been waiting for you, such as the risk of obesity or weight gain and make the sleeping capacity becomes reduced? For that reason, eat when meal time arrives by consuming healthy food that makes your energy increases, so you are ready to do the next activity.


4. Consumption of Vitamins

For those of you who do not have time to bring a healthy diet such as fruit or other natural sources of vitamins to the office, you can always prepare vitamins in the form of vitamin C pills and various vitamins B. Only, the consumption of vitamins and drugs like this should be consulted first to the doctor, so that doses and types of vitamins can be adjusted to the body’s ability to process drugs and vitamins into energy.

That’s some ways you can do to keep the body in order to stay fit despite frequent overtime work.

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