4 Tips to Buy a New Car for Beginners

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4 Tips to Buy a New Car for Beginners. The selling price of new cars is higher compared to used cars. Used car price of course seen from the brand and condition of the car. Used cars could be expensive (not the same brand) or equivalent because the engine and the car body is still good like a new car.

Before buying it you should pay attention to some things, let alone this be your first experience to buy a car.

following 4 Tips to Buy a New Car for Beginners:

4 Tips to Buy a New Car for Beginners

Tips to Buy a New Car 1 : what is your needs ?

Many car deals with models from city car, hatchback, sedan, Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) to Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Before deciding which one you want, you should pay attention to everyday activities either with family or own. If you are married and have no children, cars like city car, hatchback or sedan could be an option. However, if you already have some children who are big enough, then the choice of MPV is better for your choice.

Tips to Buy a New Car
Tips to Buy a New Car

Tips to Buy a New Car 2 :Choose how to purchase a car.

Want to buy by cash or credit? It’s your choice too, you should not be tempted by the cheap DP if buying a car by credit, usually will impact on large repayments. Try to recalculate your income, do not force yourself to buy a car but must sacrifice the basic needs. A healthy credit is 1/3 of the net income you receive each month.

Tips to Buy a New Car 3 :Think about the age of the car you choose

You buy a used car or second, make sure you know how old the car is. Usually used cars have various ‘diseases’, especially for cars that have old age. Because the older the age of the vehicle is usually more and more cars are problematic and need care to the workshop.

Tips to Buy a New Car 4 :Prepare a place for the car

It’s good you prepare a parking space for the car first. Then think about how to secure the parking lot. If you are unsure of its safety, do not buy a popular car. Because usually this kind of car that became the target of thieves.



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