4 Simple Tips to Maintain Car Engine

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Simple Tips to Maintain Car Engine. Maintaining the car engine must be the most important thing for you to do. This is useful for keeping your car’s engine up and running well and you will also avoid strikes on the road. Perform regular maintenance on a regular basis, would be useful to extend the life of spare parts in the machine.

4 Simple Tips to Maintain Car Engine
4 Simple Tips to Maintain Car Engine

4 Simple Tips to Maintain Car Engine

Tips to Maintain Car Engine #1 Change the car oil regularly.
To avoid damage to the car engine, the first thing you should do is change the oil periodically. You must change the oil regularly in accordance with the standard rules of the car that you use. Usually oil change is done after the vehicle traveled 3000 km to 5000 km.

Tips to Maintain Car Engine #2 Always perform cleaning of carburizing filters.
Often experience a car that is difficult to light up in the morning or when you want to go? Usually this is caused by the carburetor filter of your dirty car. Well, you can clean this filter carburation filter with a toothbrush to brush and remove the dirt. Do not use a hairdryer or compressor while cleaning the carburation filter, as this will cause damage to the carburizing filter layer.

Tips to Maintain Car Engine #3  Clean the car engine by driving the car
His name is also used, of course your car will have a crust that sticks to the engine, usually this is from the combustion engine you know! Well, to minimize it you just need to spur the vehicle by stepping on the gas more deep so that the crust on the engine can exit through the exhaust.

Tips to Maintain Car Engine #4 Check the car radiator
Radiator on this machine is useful to neutralize the heat generated by your car engine. For that, you must ya to check the water radiator. Make sure the water radiator is not empty yes, because if empty will cause overhead or excessive heat on the machine that can harm the engine condition.

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