4 Easy Tips to Maintain Car Wipers

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Tips to Maintain Car Wipers. If in your area is Rainy season, you must check some important components on the car, one of them is a wiper.

This component is quite important during the rainy season. Because it becomes the main pedestal to maintain the visibility of the driver, by cleaning the windshield of the car while driving. Do not let the wiper function to be not maximal, because it will interfere with the driver’s eyesight.

Tips to Maintain Car Wipers
Tips to Maintain Car Wipers

Proverbial, ready umbrella before the rain. Because the rain often dropped suddenly. So that car components such as wipers should be maximized properly as a quoted from daihatsu.

4 Easy Tips to Maintain Car Wipers

Tips to Maintain Car Wipers #1

First check the conditions on the rubber wiper car, if found cracks or rubber that has weathered, should directly replace the rubber wipers of the car.

Tips to Maintain Car Wipers #2

When cleaning the windshield wipers, do not wipe on the rubber edges because there is a component part of the chemical layer that will maintain its elasticity.

So, if you wipe it away the liquid will disappear. Then when cleaning it should be to install the booth so that the rubber does not stick to the car windshield.

Tips to Maintain Car Wipers #3

To clean the car wiper rubber you can use a special liquid wiper cleaner available in the car workshop.

After buying it you can pour the wiper liquid along with water into a container. Then use to clean the windshield wipers.

Tips to Maintain Car Wipers #4

Check regularly on the wiper shaft part. You can spray a special liquid or WD cleaner to keep the wiper working smoothly.

So, easy is not the way? Do not be lazy to clean it yes, if you do not want when it starts to rain down your view is disturbed because the wiper does not work with the maximum.

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