3 Smartphone Applications That Can Make Body Slim

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Diet Tips with Smartphone Apps. The trend of selfie and showing it on social networking, of course, trigger people to compete to appear as perfect as possible. Especially in the affairs of body weight.

In order to appear slim and ideal in front of the camera, many people are willing to do various diets.

Weight gain drastically because unable to control the diet can be a very annoying thing. And if it can be controlled properly, weight gain does not need to happen. How about it already?

Growing weight gain can be overcome with the help of several applications of calorie monitors and weight on the smartphone.

Here are diet tips via smartphone with the following applications:

5 Smartphone Applications That Can Make Body Slim

1. Lose It! by Calorie Counter

Smartphone Applications That Can Make Body Slim
Smartphone Applications That Can Make Body Slim

Lose It! claimed to be an application that provides weight loss programs effectively. Like the daily food journals, these apps classify what is consumed and the exercises that have been done.
There is a graph of the development of the targets you specify as well as the Friends feature to see which of your friends are also using this app.
Lose It! can be obtained for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Noom Coach: Health and Weight

Noom Coach is an application made by Noom Inc, which has created many applications related to maintaining ideal weight.


This app is like a personal trainer following the user while trying to lose weight. The trainer will also support the user making the program structured according to the goals to be achieved, in this case the desired weight.

3.┬áCalorie Counter – MyFitness Pal

This app is very simple and easy to use. Calorie Counter has a list of food menu along with enough calories complete, so users can know the total calories in the daily food intake.

Smartphone Apps for Diet
Smartphone Apps for Diet

In addition to calculating calories in food, this application there are about 350 fitness movement to accelerate the process of weight loss is worth a try.

Users can also set the desired ideal weight target through this application. Other features that exist include showing a friend who is on a diet program.

That way, users will be motivated to lose weight together. Calorie Counter applications can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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