10 Tips You Can Live a Longer and Healthier Life
10 Tips You Can Live a Longer and Healthier Life

10 Tips You Can Live a Longer and Healthier Life

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10 Tips You Can Live a Longer and Healthier Life

If examined, long life was not enough if not accompanied by health. Having a long life, but sick will make you feel uncomfortable. Long and healthy life makes you look younger than age. Many ways are done to get a long life and look younger than the real age. For example by taking supplements, use of cosmetics, sports, until plastic surgery. Of course, they cost money. But, there are easy and unique ways to longevity. Here are 10 healthy ways to earn a long life:

1. Religion

Religion becomes an important thing to live longer on earth. Whether your religion (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism) is important, each religion teaches goodness and serenity to its adherents. 

You can pray, attend church services, meditate. This method can soothe the mind, thus keeping you away from stress and anxiety. In addition, you can have social relationships in the community that can provide support when troubled by problems.

2. Do The Best

Parents educate their children to do good things from an early age. Parents become an example for the child is acting in his life. 

In addition to doing good things, helping others will help you live longer in the world. Research shows that people who volunteer, help in their community, donate money to charity or help take care of friends and relatives rewarded by having a long time on earth.

3. Reduce Sleep

Sleeping for eight hours a day is considered ideal sleep duration, but scientists now believe that reducing sleep hours to six hours a day can reduce the risk of death.

In contrast, the use of sleeping devices such as pills actually increases the risk of death.

4. Have a baby

Studies show that people who have children have a lower risk of death. Why? Because parents tend to quit smoking, drink less, encourage more caution, and generally live more carefully.

Thus, having a baby can help you live longer by avoiding deadly accidents and illness. Of course, you have to spend several years changing baby diapers.

5. Eat a little

Everyone knows that you should eat well to stay healthy. But, new research shows that a very low-calorie diet can make lifespan longer.

The obvious reason is the lower risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. However, scientists believe there may be other factors, although it remains a mystery.

6. Living on the mountain

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery every day, people living in the mountains tend to live longer. Facts in the United States, long-life residents live in the Colorado mountains.

Many people in the Scandinavian mountains have a long life. The habit of walking uphill, breathing fresh air, less pollution is likely to contribute to a long life.

7. Learn a second language

Learning languages, like Spanish, Italian or Arabic can slow the aging process significantly. Learning languages keep the mind active and alert, and help prevent or Alzheimer’s.

8. Become rich

There is a saying that money can not buy happiness. 

However, having money can help you long-term, because with money you can buy health equipment, healthy food, and healthcare.

All of this contributes to longevity. But, the rich also have levels of chemicals in the body that control stress. These chemicals serve as an indicator of life expectancy, many produced in adolescence.

9. Many laughs

Laughter is the best medicine. People who often laugh may have less stress, a better immune system, burn more calories and have lower blood pressure, all of which contribute to longevity.

However, not so with a fake laugh, for example, you laugh just to please your boss when he makes a joke.

10. Keep working

Retirement can make a person stressful, because it affects the financial, social circle is smaller, and physical activity is limited.

Unlike the people who keep working. They may have a longer life by staying active, and interacting with others or being active in the community.



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